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Nearly twenty-five years ago, a group of research investigators and political scientists experienced the loss of both their homeland and their freedom to the Socialist revolution and corruption in politics. Since that time, they have been working together and individually to be a voice for the Venezuelan people and to defend freedom here in their new home, the USA, as well as in the rest of the world. When they started to see the same signs in the USA as they did in Venezuela, they knew it was time to pool their efforts with all who are willing to stand up to the evils of authoritative governments. Thus began their quest to be a public policy research center. 

The Question to Ask is Why Follow & Support American Immigrant Activist ?

Because we have been there and have the experience.

After World War One there was a strong desire for American Isolationism. The war cost many American lives as we really saw little gain for our country. We did not have the desire or wish to enter World War Two. The choice really was not ours. Japan brought the war to us. 

The feeling for American Isolationism is part of our DNA and many in this country want us to mind our own. Despite being the world's leader and superpower the USA has neglected our own backyard, Latin America. 

China, Russia, Iran and many others have been glad to fill in the vaccuum. Military, intelligence and investments have been made in Latin America and we are seeing a destabilization of those countries and a pull towards socialism, totalitarianism and radicalization as crime & poverty grew in the region.

Once again, despite our best efforts to stay isolated, these countries are coming to us with a flood of immigrants.

As we see corrupt authoritative governments populate the region, this has brought international  drug trafficking, human trafficking and money laundering, all which has made its ways into our country. The drug problem in the USA is an issue that can not be ignored.

The concept of Socialism and Marxism once unheard of in the USA are gaining popularity. For years we have allowed our schools to be indoctrination centers for these ideas. We the People , the core of our foundation is being replaced with Government Overreach. 

Businesses are now part of the global community. Policies that are not favorable to the business world , are being picked up by China.   

The election of 2016 brought the idea that foreign governments can influence our elections. Freedom of Speech, once the pride of our people is being replaced with WOKE. Elected officials and opinions that social media and the standard media disagree with are being blacklisted or labeled as racist. So called black money, from Big Business and from other questionable sources are donated towards campaigns. 


This is new to the USA but it is not new to the founders of the FREEDOM VOICE. 

They have experienced this many years ago in their home country. Through their investigative reporting, they are bring an AWARENESS that few Americans understand. 

By Spreading the word and bringing us the KNOWLEDGE of their EXPERIENCE, that will create the desire and understanding for POLICY CHANGES.

Our impact is working within the community. Realizing that communities have a saturation point, where they can only take in so many new immigrants, so many poor, so many homeless. Funds are limited. A government that takes in an unlimited number of migrants without any thought to the consequences is causing harm to those it claims it wants to help and causes harm to the residents living within that community. 

Freedom Voice Reports on the harm bad government policies cause. It works within the community to help the community by working with shelters, houses of worship, protest, holding events, working with legislatures, fundraisers and promoting causes. 


Some of the many TV appearances in the USA and internationally.

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Miguel Rodríguez Fandeo


Maibort Petit (co-founder of Freedom Voice) is an extraordinary Venezuelan, tireless fighter against tyranny, the violation of human rights, and against criminals who have used the destruction of the Venezuelan economy at the expense of the misery of our people.

 I have boundless admiration for Maibort and I love her dearly.

 Miguel Rodriguez

Venezuelan politician and economist . In the Venezuelan public administration, he held the positions of Minister of State, Head of CORDIPLAN (Office of Coordination and Planning, predecessor of the Ministry of Planning) and president of the Central Bank of Venezuela during the second government of Carlos Andrés Pérez .

Completed a doctorate at Harvard University , and then chose to do a master's degree at Yale University .

I have known Maibort Petit for many years as a journalist. First as a professional journalist during the years of democracy in Venezuela where she was already well known for her work in doing research about the ethical behavior of people in public office.

Now, living in exile, she is recognized as a serious practitioner of investigative journalism on the
mismanagement of public resources

Luis R Matos
Co-Director of the master’s degree
The Graduate School of Political Management
The George Washington University


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