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Human Rights & Freedoms

A record 100 million people worldwide have been forced to flee their homes. UN refugee agency (UNHCR), May 2022

Help us in the defense of your Human Rights & Freedoms 

political prisoner

Young artist has been in prison in Cuba for drawing Freedom Art. 

Political Prisoner

cuban art

cuban art

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The Freedom Voice Reports has formed an alliance defending Freedoms. These freedoms are usually threatened by countries with dictators or when politicians get too much power. That is why we are advocates for limited government. 


We have a first amendment right in the USA. This right allows us the freedom of the press and for free speech and the right to assembly. This is a right that most of the world does not have.

Citizens are arrested for protesting and we even witness  repression of dissent. These are known as  Political prisoners and

many are killed, others imprisoned and tortured, while others just disappear. 

Trials will be unfair  and you will find extrajudicial executions. 

The police will use excessive force with impunity. 

Government fraud & corruption that lead to Poverty, Crime and Immigration within the community


 Freedom Voice Reports are former immigrants as they work directly with the new Immigrants for their Freedoms. 

They also have the unique understanding of having lived in a free country where dictatorship took over and all Freedoms & Rights were lost. They use that experience to be defend your Freedoms & Rights from government overreach. 

Join our Newsletter, YouTube channel, our new Rumble show, join one of our public rallies, see our online & live events and learn about our community service work helping those hurt by government.

Join our many volunteer opportunities and or sponsor a program. 

Ukraine Mission

Your gift means we can continue to improve the lives of people with those and their families who have lost everything due to human rights abuses. Together, we can work to ensure everyone has an opportunity to life, liberty, treat, and pursuit of happiness. Thank you for your support. 

Freedoms can not be taken for granted.
Join the Freedom Voice Reports in an alliance defending freedoms. It is free membership and you will get daily reports and information on events.  Get more information below by clicking the button.

Human Rights Violations - Be Aware

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Power to Influence

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