From political leaders with questionable agendas to government policies that infringe on basic human rights, our organization lends a voice to those who have been silenced and spreads awareness of authoritative governments that produce untrustworthy election systems.


Our YouTube channel is home to various debates between intellectuals on varying topics, like troublesome immigration policies that threaten minority groups, and educational videos that inform the public on current domestic and international political events. Furthermore, the Freedom Voice Reports persistently broadcasts political truths for public benefit and identifies vexatious issues that divide our communities.


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While we have been financially self-dependent for decades, the economic tide has shifted. Now a nonprofit organization with intent to spread political awareness, we turn to you,. Freedom Voice Reports is asking for donations to further our cause, the cause for the underprivileged and the voiceless. With your help, we can continue to spread awareness to political and social inequities while creating enlightening content, like blogs, videos, and books, to post on our social media websites. 

From Awareness to Impact. Freedom Voice Reports works with the community to make positive change. From speaking at issue-based events and to politicians and community leaders. To leading rallies. Whether helping feed the homeless, to fighting for their housing, equal opportunity & pay at work. 

Freedom Voice Reports has been called a Leader and Voice of the Immigrant community. Whether they are in Ukraine, the USA or in South America..

Freedom Voice Reports is a project of Venezuelan American Archives Foundation Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

All charitable contributions are tax-deductible.