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A study into the integrity of elections world-wide, many of our recent elections have questions as to their legitimacy. 

This project attempts to find out the WHY's and bring about resolutions, using research and statistics in elections with a goal 

 that our elections can once again unite us and not divide us. 


Maibort Petit, co-founder of the Freedom Voice speaks at an event in Columbia on Women's future role in politics.


Socialism has been gaining favor in this country. presently more Democrats prefer Socialism over Capitalism.


Elections are the way to overcome conflict, but is it possible that the voting system itself has become part of the problem.


A Marxist, man of the people wins in Peru, while Dark Money rules. 

Freedom Voice Reports


Freedom Voice Reports is a conservative Investigative Reporting team with an emphasis on protecting our freedoms. Presently the ideology of Marxism has been gaining favor in the United States and globally. Marxism is an ideology which believes in the power of the Government and not in the people. it believes that your freedoms are secondary to the will of your leaders. This is not what our founders had in mind when they coined the phrase, 'We the People".


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One of the authors of Statistical Science, Guillermo Salas is presently working on a project with our founder Maibort Petit on Election Integrity. 

This project is based on scientific facts and past and present history.

We can not longer continue election after election where the results are questioned and a large percentage of the population do not accept them as legitimate. 


Maibort Petit at Women's for Democracy Speech

"Democracy and freedom are not a gift that can be guaranteed permanently but on the contrary we must fight to perfect and maintain it."