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Hunger in Angola
A Food Bank Initiative

Feed the Hungry: A Critical Mission

In the heart of Angola, StandBright Foundation, in collaboration with Freedom Voice Reports, founded by João Esmael, is a beacon of hope in the face of rising poverty and food prices. The Feed the Hungry mission feeds 500 people per day and aims to transform lives and alleviate hunger in a nation where over 51.1% of the population grapples with multidimensional poverty.

Angola's Hunger Crisis: Alarming Statistics

In a country where 30% of children face multidimensional poverty, and 52% live in absolute poverty, urgent humanitarian missions are essential. With 46% of the population under 15, the young generation is particularly vulnerable.

hungry kids

João Esmael and his team, in collaboration with Freedom Voice Reports, conduct daily missions, providing sustenance to 300-500 people, primarily single mothers with children. Despite their commendable efforts, the financial burden has become overwhelming, as they fund these missions from their own pockets.

Sister Evalina Mbundu, a dedicated nun volunteering at the shelter, emphasizes the critical role the foundation, with support from Freedom Voice Reports, plays, stating, "If you stop bringing food to this place, we won't have anywhere to put these people who are already used to eating here."


''Since they are making food in this place, hunger for us is no longer a big problem and thank you very much for your help''

 João Esmael

''I decided to help people who live in extremely vulnerable situations because I was also born and raised in poverty and I know very well how hunger hurts''

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