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Government Overreach

As Democratic Socialism is becoming popular in the USA, more people are willing to give up their Freedoms for Government security. They are willing to give more power to their leaders. With more power comes corruption.  

In the Chinese system you cannot be a member of the board of directors of a company if you are not first a member of the Chinese Communist Party. Imagine that for a moment in the United States or Europe that an entrepreneur was told that he cannot be a member of the board of directors of a company if he is not previously a member of this or that party.

In this report , it will be demonstrated what happens when systems of separation of powers does not exist and when you have a socialistic government. To a system where there is no accountability. To a system where the people serve the leaders and the Government rules its citizens.

There is a ever growing Democratic Socialism movement in the USA. This article is just one more example of how too much power in the hands of Government leads to Organized Crime and Corruption. More specifically in this case to human rights abuses examples.

Who runs the USA Government? Some say that there is a Deep State. The term Deep State come from a Turkish phrase derin devlet. In the case of Turkey, the deep state is an association of criminal organizations and the Government.