Human Rights

The history of USA started off with immigrants coming here from England. Those who migrated here came because of the unlimited government power of the monarchy. They felt that their civil liberties and freedoms were being denied them and a revolution was to start, and a republic formed with the lesson learned.


We formed a limited government, where the rights of the individual are the same as those in government.


Some years later another war, the civil war, was to be fought over human rights being denied to those we enslaved. As the years went on the social issues in the USA became a desire for an Equal Rights Movement. And so our country matured. 

We have matured but there are still government regulations restricting our civil liberties. Migrants from all over the globe are making their way to the USA. The governments they come from have either violated human rights or they are an economic mess. 

Learn More about the policies that are responsible for this human catastrophe.

Learn what can be done to prevent these human right violations and political prisoners.

Learn what can be done to help our communities so harmed by these policies.

Real Reporting with Real Solutions. 

Animal Rights
While in the death of war in Ukraine and the great human carnage, behind the scenes animal shelters were being bombed and a great rescue was to be performed. learn how our organization, normally for human rights became affiliated with animal right groups to save animals from this man-made war. 

Young Artist Political Prisoner in Cuba