Teaching a set of beliefs that are to be accepted without questioning them.

Where an ideology is taught in our schools. Social media has shown a bias and has blacklisted views that it does not agree with what amounts to brain hacking and other Brainwashing techniques. 

Political parties use media to push ideology. 

"There the world is ruled by propaganda and anything that goes out of there, outside the line of the state, is eliminated immediately. Individuals are anonymous, there's no dissent, no critical thinking, or anything like that." - quote from Research report & interview by Freedom Voice (a must read)


Freedom Voice Reports will take you by research and interviews inside North Korea, China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and Iran to experience how Government ideology can deprive you of all your Freedoms. Where independent thought does not exist or is outlawed. 


What is totalitarianism ?

What is it like to live under the dictatorship of North Korea, China, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela ?

What would it be like to live under the socialism ideology 


For years, the Education System in the USA has been indoctrinating our students towards socialism. Presently, we have the Critical Race Theory..... Here is an interview of a young lady living in NYC, who has been indoctrinated by her home country to hate the USA ....


When Your Government tells you what to think and how to think and to worship your political leaders as God. Learn from our research and videos as we take you around the world and inside the USA, See the dangers and where this may lead us. Join our Newsletter - support our cause to fight for your Freedoms. 

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Experts on Indoctrination