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A Man and a woman participating in a radio show

1st Amendment Right

Right of Free Press will change the world and lives.

Over 100 million lives.

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We put out thousands of videos and hundreds of blogs each year regarding government's infringement of our Freedoms & Rights.


Freedom Voice Reports gets exciting interview from a mom who tells how her family escaped from Ukraine as bombs rained down all around her. You will feel like you were there! 

An interview with a young college student in New York City  who grew up indoctrinated under the communist system.


An inside story to how government is using the indigenous people for their own gain.  


Freedom Voice Reports has won numerous community awards and has been dubbed the voice of the latino community. 

We have a very long standing blog and YouTube Channel that gets millions of view each year. Our stories are picked up by many of the major publications and is quoted by many. 

If you can write a blog, are not afraid to speak on the air waves, then we will teach you how to do proper research. 

As an intern or volunteer you will enter a program where you will learn how to effect change with your words. 

Journalist with microphone working on city street
Anastasiia fron Ukraine 1 - Grande 540p

Anastasiia fron Ukraine 1 - Grande 540p

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The Freedom Voice Reports consist of two parts. Its awareness campaign, for the last 25 years through their blogs, articles, YouTube Channel, Public events, Social Media and Rallies, have brought human right issues to the world.  They are different in that their founders and majority of their staff are spread globally as exiles. They themselves know what it is like to escape from horrors that governments have placed on their own citizens. They get stories that few can get because the migrants know and trust them. 

The second part of their efforts are using this awareness and making changes within the global and local communities.  Your gift means we can continue to improve the lives of people by bringing the stories of the horrors of human rights abuses to the world attention.  Together, with our sponsors, staff and volunteers and readership we can make a difference . Thank you for your support. 

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