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2.7 Million Flee Ukraine

Updated: Aug 15

The number of immigrants fleeing the Ukraine War according to the UN is approaching 2.7 Million. 2,698,280 refugees.

Freedom Voice Reports

The UN refugee agency is estimating a refugee crisis of over 4 million from Ukraine. The majority of people are going to Poland.

For their part, Polish border guards said on Sunday they had registered 1,675,000 people arriving from Ukraine since the war began.

Ukraine refugees.
Ukraine refugees.

Other countries taking in refugees are:

Hungary - 246,206 refugees.

Slovakia - 195,980 refugees.

Russia - 106,000 refugees.

Moldova - 104,929 refugees.

Romania - 85,000 refugees.

Elsewhere - about 304,000 people leaving Ukraine had travelled on to other European countries.

The UN has said this is the largest exodus of refugees in Europe since World War II.

destroyed Ukraine cities
destroyed Ukraine cities

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