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21th Century Socialism danger to Italy

European Union Congressperson Carlo Fidanza speaks To Maibort Petit, co-founder of Freedom Voice and journalist about the dangers of 21th Century Socialism spread into Italy.

Freedom Voice

In a video interview, that started off discussing a report in Spanish media, of the possible transfer of 3.5 million euros in cash from Venezuela to one of the founders of the 5Star Movement in 2010. According to the ABC report, Gianroberto Casaleggio and Beppe Grillo was sent the cash to develop a "revolutionary and anti-capitalist left wing movement". The money was sent by Nicolas Maduro, who presently is President of Venezuela.

This report is denied by the 5Star Movement.

EU Congressperson Carlo Fidanza discussed an ongoing investigation into determine if the money was given and if it was money laundering. The closeness of the 5Star Movement and the communist regime of Maduro.

His take on Italy accepting immigrants is so different than the present system in the USA. "We have to stand for Freedom and for Democracy."

Immigration should be based on real urgencies. Where immigrants are accepted because they have lost their rights and freedoms and live in repressive regimes. Immigrants that come because of economic circumstance should not get priority.

With this introduction , please enjoy the video.

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