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What will the Jury Decide

Jury in Ghislaine Maxwell's trial bases its deliberations on the testimonies of the four women who accuse her.

by Maibort Petit

On the second day of deliberations in the Socialite trial, Ghislaine Maxwell the jury continued to review evidence under the instructions of the judge, Alison Nathan. In the morning, thanks to a note sent to the magistrate, it was learned that the testimony of the alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein and the defendant who is, in essence, what the accusation is based on, are being evaluated.

Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of being part of the criminal enterprise, headed by the billionaire Epstein, in charge of recruiting minors to be abused by the tycoon, who committed suicide before being prosecuted.

photo of maxwell
Maxwell trial before the Jury

Maxwell pleaded not guilty to all six counts, which include sex trafficking of minors, transporting a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, tempting a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, three counts related to conspiracy.

If convicted of all six counts, the 59-year-old faces up to 70 years in prison.

The jury asked Judge Nathan for transcripts of the testimonies of "Jane," Annie Farmer and Carolyn, three of the four women who testified that they were allegedly sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein and who accused Maxwell of having facilitated the process, and even of having participated in some sexual acts.

The four alleged victims who testified at Ghislaine Maxwell's trial said they were sexually abused on several occasions and in different countries. The first to testify was one that used the fictitious name "Jane", and said that Maxwell coordinated sexual massages with Epstein for which he prepared them and sometimes joined the sexual acts.

Another of the women who testified was Carolyn who maintained that Maxwell touched her breasts, hips and buttocks when she was 14 testified that when she was 14, and that she allegedly told her that she "had a great body for Epstein and his friends."

Carolyn's testimony is a key piece in the indictment against Maxwell on the child sex trafficking charge, which is the most serious of all charges.

Another witness used the name "Kate." The woman testified that Maxwell invited her and instructed her how to give Epstein a sexual massage. She said Maxwell often discussed sexual issues with her and asked Kate to invite other young girls to satisfy Epstein's sexual desires.

A Review of FBI Evidence

In the afternoon, the jury again sent a note to Judge Nathan asking for the notes taken by FBI agents during an interview they did with Carolyn in 2007 and that reflects that the woman did not mention Maxwell at any time.

The judge explained that this interview is not part of the evidence, and that therefore it will not be taken into account. However, it was recalled that some excerpts from the FBI notes were read in the file during Carolyn's cross-examination.

It is worth noting that the defense emphasized those statements that appear recorded in the FBI notes, and warned the jury that they contradicted Carolyn's testimony and that they made it inconsistent since the alleged victim did not mention Maxwell in that 2007 interview.

"Miss Maxwell was not the subject of discussion at the time," Carolyn testified in court. "The only thing Miss Maxwell was involved in was caressing and touching my breasts and buttocks and that's why my soul is broken and so is my heart," the transcript of the testimony reads exactly.

Before concluding tuesday, the jury asked whether the testimony of the fourth woman who charged Maxwell, Annie Farmer, could be considered as evidence to support charges of conspiracy to lure a minor to travel to participate in sex acts and conspiracy to transport a minor to engage in sex acts since Epstein's alleged victim said she had traveled with the couple.

When asked, Judge Nathan ordered the jury to consider Farmer's testimony, even though that sexual activity is not considered illegal because the woman was at the age of consent when the events occurred.

Wednesday the deliberations of the jury will continue from 9:00 AM

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