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Can we TRUST our "modern elections"?

Elections are the way to overcome conflict, but is it possible that the voting system itself has become part of the problem.

OAS Unmasks Fraud in Bolivia

The OAS report points out

"In conclusion, our analysis of the data from the 2019 Bolivian Elections makes it clear that Evo Morales' first-round victory was statistically unlikely and puts the credibility of the process in doubt."

2016 presidential elections in the Philippines

Philippine electoral office and Smartmatic hid servers. In this sense, Guillermo Salas warns that these are the problems of electronic voting that, as in this Philippine case, it is impossible to establish what really happened.

Spain elections accusations of fraud by mail vote

2004 elections in Venezuela

It was in this electoral process that the Smartmatic voting machines, a system controlled by the president himself, made their debut., according to Salas.

A New York Times note said:

"The federal government is investigating the purchase last year of a major US manufacturer of electronic voting systems by a small software company linked to the left-wing Venezuelan government of President Hugo Chávez."

Concern returns in the US.

2016 election brought accusations of crimes committed by outside interference in the Presdiential election

2020 election brought accusations of the voting machines to the USA

Salas & Petit delve into their investigative reporting on outside money being used to fund campaigns and its influence, sometimes involving criminal organizations and on a study of the modern voting machines, including the count..

As we all know elections have great consequences and can change the lives of us all. This topic needs to be brought to the public attention immediately. The cost of a questionable election will far outweigh the cost of this project.

This project can not wait.

A book and videos are being worked on for this very important topic. Time is of essence. Let's get the facts, so we can hopefully help get elections that we all can trust.

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