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Facebook Outage

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Social media is an addiction. An addiction in which an entire generation could not go a few hours without constantly checking to see if it was back on. They needed to see the next post, they rely on it for their news. Its artificial intelligence has learned their wants , their desires and their income.

Based in part on

Sin Filtros (Unfiltered) You Tube Channel

With mediator Maibort Petit and guest Luis Martin

Three major sources of our social media were down recently for six to eight hours. Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Besides the huge financial loss to the owners and the shareholders, many businesses who are relying on them for their sales also faced huge losses.

We are dealing with an addiction. We found out that many could not go for a few hours without their social media. A generation that grew up to rely on it for their news, for their entertainment, for their contact with friends and family and many for their livelihood. This further enhanced our understanding on just how much control social media has over our lives.

These platforms have algorithms that know almost everything about you. They know your likes, your dislikes, they know how you feel politically, they know your salary, there is little they do not know about you.

How does Whatsapp make its money? It listens to your conversations. If you text someone that you are moving and need new furniture. Soon after, you will start getting online ads for furnitue and from moving companies. The AI has advanced to such a level, that you do not even have to explictly express a desire for the product. It has learned to discern from your conversation what your future wants will be.

Most of us are happy with our social media and we do not see the danger. A society that can not go a few hours without checking what others are publishing. It has turned the human brain into a tool for corporate and political objectives.

Social engineering from an app that contains data on us all. This was the dream of Stalin and Lenin and others like them, that wished to brainwash the population. They know your values, your desires, your dreams and your weaknesses. They know the inner secrets of your soul.

Wikipedia says that social engineering is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information.

Anderson Cooper did a show on a similar concept several years ago and named it brain Hacking. His guest claimed that social media was leading Americans on a race to the bottom. Dependency, depression, open to fraud and contol. Silicon Valley is engineering your phone, apps and social media to get you hooked, says a former Google product manager.

Hacking the human brain is the next domain of warfare according to Clausewitz’s. This is not just about influencing hearts and minds with people seeking information. It’s about involuntarily penetrating, shaping, and coercing the mind, compelling an adversary to submit to one’s will.

This type of social engineering of the human mind is against all our Western vaues. Yet we can not live a few hours without it.

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