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Is Peru being ruled by the dark side ?

The man with the Chotano hat, the man of the people, the son of illiterate peasants, President Castillo of Peru, a Marxist elected with the promise to change the economic system, was coined a poor man who understands the people. Will Chota have its dark part?

By Isabel Recavarren

We have an unusual Peruvian with a hat who serves as president of Peru, one who after almost five months in power is evident that he did not swear by the Constitution. His idol is a presumptuous man who has led to the ruin of Bolivia, which under declarations of socialism, stimulates the most capitalist business in the world: drug trafficking.

photo of president of peru
President of Peru Pedro Castillo

Our unusual Peruvian, is a teacher lent to trade unionism, with an intellectual capacity that is a public danger to children's education, yet he runs a country. The international community begins to be obsequious with him, long trips and also short to seal loyalties with the "leftist" of the VRAEM, who thinks of the people, or rather, of "his people of Chota". Visitors are concerned with making sure they were clean elections. We see in his government, day by day, the loss of forms, absence of manners, the Chotano clan emerges.

A minister of justice, chotano doc surnamed Torres tells the president of the Central Reserve Bank "That chubby says any nonsense. (...) If you don't like what I'm saying, you have the doors open to leave." The recipient, Velarde,answers nothing, for now.

In this period, some records have been broken, 11 Ministers changed in a hundred days, with two Cabinets, due to inconsistencies and unimaginable disqualifications. In the country we would have wanted to be, a similar situation would never have been possible. It is the other latent part of Peru, the one that openly does not respect the rules, uses them, evades them; claims rights but once in power is abusive; he talks about merit, his goal is clientelism, he hates meritocracy otherwise, where would he start himself? He is the one willing to do anything, especially to deceive you. Surprise, we are being ruled by the dark part of Peru, with an unusual Peruvian who distracts us with his inconsistencies, with his non-forms, with his essays of looking more and more like his idol the "presumptuous chapare",also known as the "narco-amauta".

Meanwhile, the dark part advances, the one behind politics, the "economic miracle" companies, behind the Judiciary, the Prosecutor's Office, the Peruvian Congress and everything dark that is dark in the world and to which so many, so many, want to belong. That wonderful world of the abundant banknote: dollars, euros, suns, so many, so many, that give maximum happiness, because it is enough to have money to be Everything, according to them.

That dark side is being fought. However, the chotano doc Torres, the one who adjectivizes people, was not even seen in the program of the meeting

"The finances of organized crime: how do they affect us, how to fight them? ",

held in Panama City from November 8 to 12, 2021 between the European Union and Latin America.

It was the annual meeting of the Transnational Organized Crime Assistance Program. On the website of the M. of Justice there is a note referring to overcrowding in prisons, a trifle compared to the size of the Panama Meeting.

Ministers and representatives of the Ministries of Justice, Interior, Judges and Prosecutors, Police, Penitentiary System of the region attended, with a similar presence of Italy, Spain, France, European Union,the OECD,the one to which we so much aspire to enter, and we will not enter because of our high corruption, the United States has lowered our thumb: they know our darkness. In that meeting, Peru did not show off or shine, and what we would have to tell!, neither was Bolivia. Strange, we provide the input.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime,"

according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime,

"the money generated by criminal activities in the world is around 4% of global GDP,"

illegal money that makes organized crime one of the economic sectors that moves the most money in the world. In the European Union, they manage to seize and confiscate between 1% and 2% of criminal assets.

The European Union proposed bi-regional cooperation on security and organized crime associated with strengthening the criminal justice chain. In addition to strengthening regional and intercontinental cooperation networks to combat organized crime, dismantle the main

"transnational organized crime markets"

and strengthen the rule of law environment where democracies are based.

They proposed working in five markets:

1) drug trafficking, cocaine originating in the region is a great danger for Europe and also for Latin America. The pandemic has intensified the market. A first proposal would be the development of alternative crops;

2) environmental crimes, increased deforestation, illegal mining, trafficking in protected species, forced displacement and violence against indigenous populations.

The Green Deal will be important in Latin America.

The Jaguar Network has been launched, a Window for the Amazonwill be opened against logging and illegal mining;

3) Cybercrime, the Estonian presidency is very interested in the high level of specialization they possess, new forms of cybercrime arise on the internet, on the dark-web, fake vaccines proliferate, data theft. This proposal would be linked to the European Digital Agenda. An EU-LAC alliance may be the Elypsia Networkthat deals with combating child pornography, it will be extended to other areas;

4) Trafficking in firearms, the proposal is to collaborate in legislation on the purchase, use, trafficking of firearms as well as the exchange of information;

5) Trafficking in human beings, considered the most terrible manifestation including Latin American migration understood as smuggling, together with sexual exploitation, would be included in the Migration Agenda.

They have offered support to the Region for the strengthening of Democracy and the Rule of Law together with respect for Human Rights, strengthening justice, police, judicial and penitentiary institutions, the fight against impunity, strengthening the interdependence between judicial and police institutions in the region, an urgent and necessary dimension. Support the democratic governance against corruption initiated in Lima in 2018 together with the G20 declaration. Criminal networks have been known to use corruption to gain political power and slow down judicial processes. COVID led to abuses using public funds to buy useless vaccines. Support will be offered to combat money laundering.

Peru needs help from outside.

If before we identified

Mosca Loca,

Quispe Palomino,now they are political parties, organized groups.

To wonder, will Chota have its dark part?

Isabel Recavarren


Peruvian. Jurist. Journalist. Lawyer. Universidad Mayor de San Marcos. PhD in International Economics Law-Luigi Bocconi University. Founder: CEFIAL-UE, Panoramic Latin America and the Euro-Latin American Women's Forum.

Motto: Knowledge generates development. People with knowledge constitute the best resource of a Nation.

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