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Second Day of Deliberations

Jury in Ghislaine Maxwell's Trial Reviews Government Evidence to Convict British Socialite.

by Maibort Petit

On Tuesday, the twelve members of the jury of the trial of the British socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of sexual crimes by the United States government, began their second day of deliberations in which they will have to review the evidence presented by prosecutors and that seek to incriminate the accused of playing a leading role in the criminal enterprise of the depraved, Jeffrey Epstein who used minors for his sexual satisfaction.

photo of Maxwell
The twelve members of the jury of the trial of the British socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell began Day 2

Ghislaine Maxwell pleaded not guilty to the crimes the prosecution is accusing and agreed not to testify at the sex trafficking trial because according to the defense, prosecutors failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant's guilt.

The defense promised to present 35 witnesses and concluded with a list of only eight, causing the trial that had been announced to be six weeks, ended up being shorter (12 days) and less sensationalist than had been announced.

Prosecutors offered their closing arguments, reiterating allegations that Ghislaine Maxwell acted as Jeffrey Epstein's "right-hand man."

"She was a sophisticated predator who knew exactly what she was doing," Assistant U.S. Attorney Alison Moe told the jury.

Prosecutor Moe added: "She was an adult woman who took advantage of vulnerable children." Ghislaine Maxwell was accompanied on the day of the closing arguments by her 4 siblings Kevin, Isabel, Ian and Christine Maxwell.

The British socialite is accused of recruiting teenage girls to sexually satisfy Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire who committed suicide in a New York jail before going to trial. Young women were employed to be sexually exploited through "massage" in the 1990s and early 2000s. Epstein paid for each massage between $300 and $400.

Maxwell is also accused of abusing some victims and conspiracy crimes. The media trial

Prosecutors called 24 witnesses in 10 days, including the four victims who accuse Maxwell of recruiting them, when some of them were as young as 14, for Epstein to sexually abuse them. Two women (alleged victims) testified under the pseudonyms "Jane" and "Kate"; a third, Carolyn, used her first name; and the last one, Annie Farmer, was identified by her full name.

According to testimony before the jury, the women described Maxwell as Epstein's "main accomplice" and said the British socialite "recruited them into her teenage sexual circle, groomed them and facilitated the abuse" both in the billionaire's homes in New York and Florida and elsewhere in the world.

Prosecutors insisted on evidencing Epstein and Maxwell's ties, showing a series of photographs revealing the luxury life they enjoyed while allegedly abusing girls from broken homes or whose families were struggling financially, and the alleged code of silence they imposed on their employees.

The most sensationalist witnesses

The testimony presented to the jury appears several that were described as "shocking" by prosecutors. For example, one of the alleged victims with the fictitious name "Jane" claimed that Maxwell and Epstein abused her during group sex sessions. "Jane" maintained from the stand that both millionaire Epstein and his ex-girlfriend, Maxwell began abusing her when she was only 14 in 1994.

The woman accused Maxwell of participating in the sex sprees and that he behaved as if it was something "very casual" and "very normal" and "not a big deal."

Testimony relates that Maxwell trained her to participate in group sexual encounters with other adult women.

Jane shared the names of several women who allegedly participated in group sexual encounters with her when she was a minor, mentioning an English woman named Emmy, and others whose names would be Sophie, Michelle, and Eva.

According to the alleged victim, "Jane" Maxwell and Epstein would have recruited her when she attended the prestigious summer camp in Michigan (Interlochen), where Epstein was a donor and had use of a "scholarship system".

Jane said that at that time her father had just passed away and that he was living with his mother and siblings at the house of some friends of his family.

The witness said the millionaire Epstein paid for his singing lessons in New York and other bills his mother couldn't afford.

The woman said she had seen Maxwell and four other women in the pool of Epstein's Florida mansion and they were naked or in toples.

Another woman accuses the couple

Another of Maxwell's accusers, who testified under the fictitious name "Kate," said the defendant forced her to wear a schoolgirl uniform to provoke Epstein.

Kate, a 44-year-old English woman testified that Maxwell began grooming her when she was 17 in 1994.

According to the witness, she met Maxwell during a trip to Paris with her boyfriend, who was an Oxford classmate of the British socialite.

The woman said Maxwell invited her to tea at his London home weeks later. Sobbing, Kate said that at the time she felt very excited to be friends with Ghislaine" and that through the now accused she could get to connect and make new relationships.

Kate argued that Maxwell subsequently introduced her to Epstein and urged her to give him massages that quickly turned sexual because it was so difficult to keep up with the millionaire's demands.

The witness said she went to Epstein's florida mansion when the woman was 18. There, Maxwell allegedly instructed her to wear a schoolgirl costume when attending to Epstein at the time she served tea to the millionaire. For that role, Kate received money.

Judge Alison Nathan warned the jury that Kate's testimony only served to reinforce understanding of Epstein's conduct because at the time the woman was 18, which is the age of consent in the UK during this pattern of abuse. The witness cannot therefore be considered a victim.

Carolyn was abused for 4 years

Another witness, Carolyn, said in front of the jury Epstein sexually abused her between the ages of 14 and 18 and had not been taken on the trips because she was too young.

However, in the same testimony, the woman said that when she became "too old" for Epstein's taste, she asked him if she had "younger friends."

According to Carolyn whose experience in the "sex crime structure" ranged from 2001 to 2004Maxwell taught her how to schedule her "massage" sessions.

One part of Carolyn's testimony that was used by prosecutors was the anecdote that the woman would have trusted Epstein and Maxwell with a trauma that began when she was 4 years old and her grandfather raped and sexually abused her.

Carolyn also said her mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

The witness warned that Epstein and Maxwell knew she was a minor because she was once invited to visit Epstein's compound in the U.S. Virgin Islands, but Maxwell could not go because she was too young and that her mother would not give her permission to leave the country.

Carolyn accused Maxwell of touching her breasts, buttocks and hips, saying she had "a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends." Another woman accuses Maxwell

The other witness who took the stand was Annie Farmer who said she was forced to give Epstein a foot massage.

The woman said she once went on a trip with Epstein and Maxwell to New Mexico. His mother was told that they were going to an academic meeting for 20 to 25 students.

According to her, she was 16 years old, the couple was between thirty and forty. The woman said she was taken shopping and to the movies, and then Epstein touched her, took her hand, stroked it and rubbed her foot on her arm. Farmer's "nightmare" continued when they returned to Epstein's ranch and Maxwell allegedly taught him how to give Epstein a foot massage.

Farmer confessed that she felt uncomfortable when she gave her the massages. He even said Maxwell asked him if he had had a professional massage before and offered to give him one.

According to the witness, Maxwell set up a table and told her to undress, so she took off her clothes and lay face down on the table for Maxwell to massage. She added that he rubbed her legs and then her breasts, while Epstein watched her because the door to the room was open.

Until the closing of this note the jury has not reached a verdict. He is analyzing the evidence provided by the prosecution.

Why this report is important....

This report will be one of many. With our southern borders open, sex and human trafficking are a real concern. Of course none of those situations will get the attention and media of this sensational case.

We must speak up for the most vulnerable, our children.....

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