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Ghislaine Maxwell Latest News as the Defense Presents its Case

Defense Began Presentation of Witnesses Seeking to Counter prosecution's Narrative. The trial resumed Thursday morning after three days of rest due to scheduling conflicts and other reasons.

So Starts Day 11 of Ghislaine Maxwell's Trial:

by Maibort Petit

As planned, the defense of the British socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell began the second phase of the trial on Thursday with the presentation of the first witnesses

from a list of 35 people

who will testify to try to convince the jury that the defendant is a scapegoat of New York prosecutors who could not prosecute the millionaire, Jeffrey Epstein because he took his own life in jail before the trial began, where he was accused of having led a pyramid criminal enterprise that abused girls and young women in their attempt to satisfy themselves sexually.

photo of epstein and maxwell
Images provided by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York.

Ghislaine Maxwell has denied all charges against her

and the defense has repeatedly argued that the women accusing her (four in total)have been victims of lapses of "memory, manipulation and money."

Epstein's personal assistant

The first woman to take the stand to testify on Maxwell's behalf was

Cimberly Espinosa,

a former executive assistant to Epstein from 1996 to 2003.

The witness noted that she worked with Ghislaine Maxwell practically every day, and that she "admired her very much."

Espinosa claimed she never saw Maxwell inappropriately engage with underage girls.

Among Espinosa's work activities for Epstein was making massage reservations for both Epstein and Maxwell, but he noticed that those who made them were professionals.

Espinosa was asked about Jane, one of the accusers supporting the case against Maxwell, and the witness confirmed that she met the girl in Epstein's office. She he had guessed the girl was "about 18 years old" and thought she was in "a loving relationship" with Epstein.

In fact, Espinosa said Jane's mother, one of Maxwell's accusers, had told her that the young woman "was Jeffrey's goddaughter."

Epstein's alleged victim, identified by the pseudonym Jane, testified last week and maintained that she had given Epstein massages that subsequently turned into sexual encounters when he was 14.

Jane accused Maxwell of "instructing" her on how Epstein liked to be given massages and sometimes participating in sexual encounters.

Espinosa claimed in prosecutorial questioning that she had never been to Epstein's Florida mansion, where many of the alleged sexual encounters took place.

The witness claimed that at first Epstein and Maxwell were a couple, and she thought they were a couple was very flirtatious, but then, over time, they moved away, and even were distant when Maxwell dated other men. She also said Epstein ordered her to send flowers to Celina Midelfart as a girlfriend.

Espinosa said that when they separated Maxwell had a relationship with American billionaire businessman, Ted Waitt. Epstein had relationships with other women visiting his Manhattan office, such as British children's book author Shelley Lewis and another of her associates, Gwendolyn Beck.

The witness repeated on several occasions that she learned a lot from her relationship with Maxwell and that she even had fun working for her, despite being a "demanding" boss in her job as a manager of Epstein's properties.

Among the tasks Maxwell performed as an employee of Epstein was organizing the tycoon's travels, managing the homes stocked and keeping favorite foods available in the houses of New York and Florida.

Among other things, Espinosa said Epstein was a generous man who paid tuition for his employees' children, and even sometimes gave out free tickets to see "The Lion King" on Broadway to all his staff.

When Espinosa was asked if she ever saw Maxwell or Epstein "engaged in any misconduct,"

the woman replied


Once Maxwell's defense attorney Christian Everdell finished his cross-examination, Assistant U.S. Attorney Lara Pomerantz tried to convince the jury that Espinosa was an irrelevant witness by asking only if she had ever worked at any of Epstein's homes.

drawing of maxwell's defense witness
Maxwell's defense attorney Christian Everdell cross-examination of his defense witness, Cimberly Espinosa.

A psychologist

In the second part of the day,

Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Irvine,

testified that she explained to the jury

the process that people go through when they suffer trauma, they usually have a posteriori memories of traumatic events, such as those described by Maxwell's accusers, who often reconstruct themselves. Their research suggests that victims won't get those memories back.

Loftus said people who suffered trauma, who remember memories,

"often remind us of ourselves in a better way than perhaps accurate."

She also warned that media coverage can act as

"a source of suggestion after the traumatic event."

Loftus explained that so-called "peripheral memories" of a traumatic event can be forgotten, "core memories" of the event can, in fact, become stronger.

In Dr. Loftus' presentation, the jury was informed that she has participated in more than 300 criminal defense trials, representing high-profile clients such as Harvey Weinstein and OJ Simpson.

Too fragile to testify

Ghislaine Maxwell, through a spokeswoman, has informed that she will not take the stand to testify in her own defense, because her health had worsened and she feels too fragile to testify, according to the UK's Mirror newspaper.

The family and her lawyers have repeatedly complained that they treat her badly while in detention and keep her in inhumane conditions, including pleading with the United Nations and the United States Attorney-General to intervene and monitor the situation of her detention.

A defense statement argues that Maxwell is being mistreated in jail because the government needs a scapegoat for crimes committed by Epstein, Ghislaine's ex-boyfriend and business associate.

Epstein was convicted of sex crimes in the state of Florida in 2008, but died by suicide in jail in 2019 while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges.

Maxwell was arrested in the United States in July 2020 and faces charges of sex trafficking and perjury. If convicted of the six crimes she is charged with, she could face an 80-year prison sentence.

Why this report is important....

This report will be one of many. With our southern borders open, sex and human trafficking are a real concern. Of course none of those situations will get the attention and media of this sensational case.

We must speak up for the most vulnerable, our children.....

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