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Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 6

"Kate" maintains that Ghislaine Maxwel asked her to recruit other young women to perform oral sex on Jeffrey Epstein. The family of the accused demands from the attorney general better conditions of preventive detention.

By Maibort Petit

The sixth day of Ghislaine Maxwell's trial in the Southern District Court of New York, started with a woman who identified herself by the fictitious name of "Kate". She testified that the defendant introduced her to financial mogul Jeffrey Epstein

when she was just 17 years old,

and asked her to perform oral sex on the man.

The witness "Kate",

is currently 44,

said that on that occasion the defendant told her

that the man liked young women "pretty, young, pretty, like you."

drawing of a witness on stand
Witness on stand against Ghislaine Maxwell

During the first week of the trial, the jury learned of the relationships of Jeffrey Epstein and the defendant with high personalities of political and economic power such as former US presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as Prince Andrew of England, among others.

But perhaps the most revealing testimony was that of "Jane", the first of the accusers, who

assured that Ghislaine Maxwell acted as his recruiter and that

she was actively involved in the acts of sexual abuse carried out by the tycoon.


the former manager of the financier's house in Palm Beach, Juan Allesi,

maintained that after the financier (Epstein),

the defendant was the one who gave the orders and narrated that several minors used to go to the mansion, among those which Juan Allesi recognized was “Jane”.

That, although he did not witness the sexual abuse by his boss, he did have to clean up after the sexual massage sessions took place and find traces of them.

Likewise, Michael Dawson, a former Palm Beach police officer who participated in an October 2005 raid on a South Florida farm owned by Jeffrey Epstein and

in which he shared with the defendant,

who was his sentimental partner and personal assistant.

In the search procedure, two massage tables and sex toys were found.

photo of Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell

This is "Kate"

Identified with the pseudonym of "Kate" and under the warning to the jury by Judge Alison Nathan that she was not a victim of the sexual crimes mentioned in the accusation against Ghislaine Maxwell. This week on Monday, she took the stand as the first of the witnesses to start the second week of the trial.

The woman was 17 years old at the time when she met both the tycoon Jeffrey Epstein and the defendant, Ghislaine Maxwell. It is significant to mention that this is an age above the consent range. The judge explained to the jury that prosecutors would not be able to ask questions related to the sexual activity that she and the deceased mogul sustained.

However, the witness explained how the defendant carried out her recruitment and how they met.

"Kate" narrated that she met Maxwell in London in the early '90s. They were introduced by a mutual friend in Paris. Then came the invitation to her home in London for tea. She said that first date was very charming and that Maxwell struck her as the kind of woman she aspired to be.

"I was very excited to be friends with her and she had been friends with the man I had been dating and he seemed to be everything I wanted to be.

At the meeting, Ghislaine Maxwell made mention of Epstein whom she described as a "philanthropist who liked to help young people" and specified that she ("Kate") would "love" him."

- I left there feeling excited and as if someone wanted to be my friend.

After this, when on a new date,

they ordered her to go to a massage parlor to give Epstein a sexualized massage. The defendant would have asked her to help please him, who she described as her boyfriend.

On that first occasion, she massaged his feet and shoulders, while Epstein and Maxwell commented on how "strong" she was. Afterward, the massages turned sexual. This happened several times in London and also at the financier's house in Palm Beach, as well as on his private island.

On the first occasion, the defendant expressed her wishes that he

“have a good time”.

Maxwell then opened the door for "Kate" exposing a naked Epstein.

When she saw him naked that first time

she was "terrified" and was "frozen."

She said that after the massage that included sex with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell asked her if she had fun and said that "Kate"

was "such a good girl" and was

"so happy that she could come".

"She sounded very happy," Kate added.

Request for help for new recruits

"Kate" told the court that Ghislaine Maxwell asked her to help recruit other young women for Jeffrey Epstein, as she no longer knew what to do to keep him satisfied.

The man, according to the witness's version, required sex three times a day, according to what the accused had told him.

Maxwell wanted her to recruit other girls to perform oral sex on Epstein.

Prosecutor Pomerantz asked her for information as to whether Maxwell spoke about Epstein's need for massages.

"He needed massages all the time and it was very difficult to keep up," "Kate" replied.

Well connected

The witness referred to the conversations that Ghislaine Maxwell would have had with her, which would have revolved around the socialite's friendships with celebrities, such as the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, and former President Donald Trump.

photo of Epstein and Prince Andrew
Epstein and Prince Andrew

The prosecutor Pomerantz, questioned "Kate" about the social circle of the accused and the witness said that the woman "seemed to know all of them."

- He was friends with Prince Andrew,

- he was friends with Donald Trump.

She indicated that the names of these celebrities came up, either because Maxwell made direct reference to them or because she spoke about them on the phone in her presence.

It was because of these connections of the accused, that Kate decided not to tell anyone about her alleged experiences with Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, as they were "well connected."

Trump and defendant Maxwell
Trump and defendant Maxwell


"Kate" argued before the jury that Ghislaine Maxwell was the one who directed her to Jeffrey Epstein to give him sexualized massages at the defendant's house in London.

She reported that Maxwell told her she thought it would be fun for her (“Kate”) to bring Jeffrey Epstein his tea in a schoolgirl outfit when they were at the man's Palm Beach mansion. After the fantasy had been executed, the defendant intervened and engaged in sex in the pool.

Prosecutor Pomerantz asked Kate why she had not refused.

"I did not know how to say no," explained "Kate"

and said that

"I had never been to Palm Beach or Florida before. He had no idea where the house was. And I wasn't sure if I said no, if I said I had to go, what would be the consequence of not doing it. "

Defense Strikes Back

In cross-examination of “Kate”, the defense made efforts to disqualify the witness.

Lawyer Bobbi Sternheim drew attention to the fact that

the woman uses a pseudonym in court, but her multiple statements to the media are made under her real name.

"Kate" admitted to Sternheim that she had made a public description of her sexual interactions with Jeffrey Epstein when he was arrested in 2019.

Likewise, the lawyer stressed the fact that

the witness "Kate"

is someone who has benefited from the Jeffrey Epstein case and is even writing a book on accusations against the late tycoon.

Sternheim questioned the witness on several occasions

whether she was applying for a visa from the United States government, highlighting that if such a possibility were true, she might be using her cooperation in this case to help with its approval.

But "Kate" denied that she was seeking immigration status -visa U-, but plans to keep her current visa, which is granted to immigrants with "extraordinary ability."

Epstein's payments to Maxwell

The next witness to take the stand summoned by the prosecution was

Patrick McHugh, executive director of JP Morgan,

from whom the government asked for details about

a series of payments to the defendant from the financial deceased.

He referred Jeffrey Epstein made a series of bank transfers to Ghislaine Maxwell from his accounts in the entity.

A transaction that took place on October 19, 1999, when $ 18.3 million was transferred to Maxwell's account at Bear Stearns.

In 2002, another USD 5 million were channeled to Ghislaine Maxwell.

FBI Witness

Lastly, FBI agent Kimberly Meder testified who referenced CDs discovered in Jeffrey Epstein's safe at his Upper East Side home in 2019 during a raid. On these CDs there was an image that showed Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein together.

No further details of the matter were revealed because Judge Alison Nathan ended the session for the day.

Ghislaine Maxwell's family

Ghislaine Maxwell's family appeared in the courtroom of the Southern District Court of New York. This time it was Isabel and Kevin Maxwell, who like the rest of the clan members have till now assumed a role more than spectators.

The defendant's relatives asked the prosecution to improve the treatment that Ghislaine Maxwell is receiving during her trial

in the "interest of justice and common humanity."

In a communication addressed to the Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, the relatives of Ghislaine Maxwell requested that the authorities stop using the security devices at four points to hook, namely, her hands, waist and feet, during the transfers of the prison to the courtroom. They indicated that such devices cause bruising, breaks in the skin and other unnecessary trauma.

In addition, they claimed that the accused barely received the minimum support, since they only supplied her with a package of food and a bar of soap each day.

They also asked Prosecutor Garland that Ghislaine Maxwell be allowed to meet with her attorneys for at least 30 minutes before and after each trial hearing.

After the hearing was over, Maxwell's family reported this situation to the media.


Maibort Petit is a writer, researcher and political scientist specialized in Transnational Organized Crime. Based in New York, she works for various Hispanic media outlets and as a consultant for various firms in New York and Washington DC

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