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Sex Trafficking Trial - Day 4

After Jeffrey Epstein the orders were dictated by Ghislaine Maxwell, reveals former manager of the magnate's house in Florida. The defendant would have instructed a former employee of the tycoon never to look him directly in the eye. He specified that Maxwell coordinated the massages.

by Maibort Petit

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mug shot of Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell's trial in the Southern District Court of New York

On the fourth day of Ghislaine Maxwell's trial in the Southern District Court of New York, Juan Alessi, a former manager of Jeffrey Epstein's house in Palm Beach, Florida,

who worked for the magnate between 1990 and 2002, appeared as a witness. administration of the residence,

this man told prosecutor Maurene Comey that

Maxwell was second on board after Jeffrey Epstein, having received orders from her while she served in that position.

Alessi described Ghislaine Maxwell as a "pretty woman, a tall brunette" whom he met in 1991, but she changed her relationship with her employer until then.

The prosecution sought to demonstrate that Ghislaine Maxwell was involved in all aspects with Jeffrey Epstein,

describing her to the jury as

"Epstein's best friend and right hand man",

in addition to ensuring that both were "partners in crime."

Prosecutor Comey questioned Juan Alessi:

- Other than Mr. Epstein, who else, if any, instructed you on your job responsibilities during your employment?

"Mrs. Maxwell," replied the witness.

He identified her as Jeffrey Epstein's partner when asked to explain the defendant's role in the financier's life.

"Mrs. Maxwell was Mr. Epstein's girlfriend, I understand she was the owner of the house."

He said that Ghislaine Maxwell was in charge of the Palm Beach house.

- From the day she arrived at the house, she immediately took over and told me that she was going to be the owner of the house. In addition, she was in charge of other houses, other properties, ”explained the witness.

He narrated that Epstein convinced him to leave his other clients and work full time with him.

However, the relationship would have changed after he accepted the proposal, after the arrival of Maxwell ..

"He gradually went from being friendly to more professional."

It was up to him to make sure that the house looked like a 5-star hotel by the time Epstein arrived, he even had to have one hundred dollar bills in each of the tycoon cars.

And he began to mark distance.

"Our conversations with him were less and less."

- What did Mrs. Maxwell, if he said something, about whether he could speak directly with Mr. Epstein? Prosecutor Comey demanded.

"I was only supposed to speak to Mr. Epstein when he asked me questions."

And then he made an unusual instruction that Maxwell would have dictated:

- At the end of my stay, there was a moment when she said: "Jeffrey doesn't like to be looked at [into] his eyes."

According to Juan Alessi, Ghislaine Maxwell instructed him:

- "You should never look him in the eye. Just look at another part of the room and answer him, ”he said.

He specified that Epstein and Maxwell gave him a long list of instructions and tasks that he described as "very degrading", in addition to the fact that it was work for about ten men.

And she was noticed on the list by an instruction that said:

“I don't see anything. Say nothing ".

- What did you understand it meant? - Asked the prosecutor.

- I was supposed to be blind, deaf, to say nothing.

He specified that since Ghislaine Maxwell arrived at Epstein's house, she took care of it as its owner, adding that she was with the financier on his visits to the property 95 percent of the time.

It was learned that, in an interview with the Palm Beach police in 2005, Alessi said that as part of her job she had to wash vibrators and a long rubber penis after visits from a girl who would give Epstein a massage. She also had to fix the bed after each massage.

He recalled the visits of two girls who seemed minors.

When the prosecutor showed him a photo of "Jane," he immediately recognized her, as well as Virginia Roberts, who maintains that Jeffrey Epstein introduced her to Prince Andrew to have sex with him when he was only 17 years old, something that he royal denies.

About "Jane" she said she was introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell at the Palm Beach house. He said he was picking it up and carrying it according to Epstein's instructions.

Also, Juan Alessi said he remembered taking Maxwell, Epstein and Jane to board the businessman's plane and seeing them get on the plane together. In the same way, he recalled that he met Victoria Roberts on a trip to Donald Trump's club, Mar-a-Lago, where he went with Ghislaine Maxwell.

On that occasion, Maxwell ordered him to stop the car when he saw Victoria Roberts going down a ramp in the place.

“I stopped the car and she opened the door and walked over to this girl coming down the ramp. She looked young. She had blonde hair and wore a white uniform like a nurse. "

After that, Alessi saw the girl at the Palm Beach home that same day and several times thereafter. He said it was a young woman of about 16 years old.

As with "Jane," Juan Alessi said he must also have led Maxwell, Epstein and Roberts to the plane and watched them board together.

The prosecution questioned him about Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sexual massages, to which Juan Alessi replied that

“At the beginning I received around one (a day). At the end (of my job) he received three massages a day ”.

As he said, it would be Ghislaine Maxwell who was in charge of scheduling these massages, as did Epstein himself sometimes and, at other times, his office in New York.

“It was at all times. Massages in the morning, massages in the afternoon, some massages after dinner, after the movies. It was 10, 11 at night, "said Alessi.

The prosecutor showed her a copy of Jeffrey Epstein's black book, used to record contacts for his famous friends, and Alessi said it looked like a later version of the one he used. He specified that there was in it a "page with masseurs" that included the name of "Jane".

He said this book was used by Epstein and Maxwell.

He added that he saw many women attending the pool at the Palm Beach home, where they went topless most of the time.

When asked by the prosecutor about the relationship between Epstein and Maxwell, Juan Alessi said they were dating.

Other witnesses

Prosecutors called to the stand Paul Kane, who serves as director of finance for Professional Children's School in New York's Upper West Side neighborhood. This is an exclusive school attended by who this process is presented as "Jane" - a fictitious name used to protect her identity - one of the four alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein and the accused.

Alumni of said high school include Uma Thurman and Paris Hilton. There, "Jane" would have completed her last year, after she arrived in New York from Palm Beach, Florida, from where she moved.

The prosecution asked Paul Kane to examine a request addressed to the institution, allegedly from "Jane." The principal owed the authenticity of the communication in which Jeffrey Epstein assumed "financial responsibility" for her education.

When asked to read the name of the financier of the studies of "Jane" said:

"Mr. Jeffrey Epstein."

Lisa Rocchio, a clinical and forensic psychologist with experience in traumatic stress and interpersonal violence, was also called as a witness.

She was asked to describe the concept of "grooming",

a term as the tactics and strategies used by abusers are known. child sex.

The expert explained that child sexual predators "will exploit any vulnerability they have identified in a child."

Rocchio indicated that massages and gifts could be key to preparing for the later stage.

They are "manipulation tactics" that correspond to the five stages of preparing a child victim for abuse, which he explained.

He said it was common for victims to be slow to disclose abuse, especially if they were young.


Maibort Petit is a Venezuelan writer, researcher and political scientist specialized in Transnational Organized Crime. Based in New York, she works for various Hispanic media outlets and as a consultant for various firms in New York and Washington DC

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