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Sex Trafficking Trial - Day 7

"Carolyn" Says Ghislaine Maxwell Paid Her Between $300 and $400 for Each Sexual Massage She Gave Jeffrey Epstein. Both the defendant and the financial tycoon were fully aware that she was a minor, the accuser said.

by Maibort Petit

For every sexualized massage session that "Carolyn" — another alleged victim — did for Jeffrey Epstein, she received a payment of between $300 and $400. This was sometimes paid directly by Ghislaine Maxwell. The information given by another of the four accusers in the trial against the British socialite is being fought in the Court of the Southern District of New York where the tycoon's ex-wife is accused of sex trafficking. Between sobs and a broken voice, she told the jury the details of that first he saw the late financier.

photo of Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell on trial

Day 7 of the trial begin with the continuation of the testimony of Kimberly Meder, an FBI analyst, who on Monday gave testimony about CDs discovered in Jeffrey Epstein's safe at his home on the Upper East Side, during a raid that took place in 2019 and among which was a graphic that showed Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein together.

However, before the jury entered the courtroom, defense attorney Laura Menninger raised an issue

of "Jane," Ghislaine Maxwell's first accuser,

who testified last week at the trial,

regarding her reaching out to another witness to complain about the way she had treated her. which is why she called her an expletive.

Menninger asked Judge Alison J. Nathan to ban this testimony or at least hold a hearing without the jury present to determine "exactly what happened" during the call.

Courts prohibit witnesses who have testified from communicating with others who have not yet done so in order to avoid influencing testimony.

Prosecutor Alison Moe told the court that on Tuesday morning the government met with Brian and that Brian had informed them that his sister had called him and she told him what had happened at the trial. The prosecution reported the fact to the defense during the early hours of Tuesday.

Attorney Menninger expressed concern about what happened.

It was now up to Judge Alison Nathan to decide whether to accept "Brian's" testimony, but it was prosecutors who at the end of the day said they would desist from calling "Brian" to testify, given the incident.

Photos and documents prove the relationship

Then FBI agent Kimberly Meder took the stand, who after the jury was shown a set of photographs in which Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were seen together, said that these images corresponded to those found during a raid on a house of the financial tycoon on the Upper East Side. The aforementioned raid was carried out in 2019.

Among the photos, there were two that showed the defendant wearing a tiny T-shirt and rubbing Epstein's feet aboard a plane.

In other footage, the man holds Maxwell as he talks on the phone.

Another photograph shows them posing in a field with a dog.

Kimberly Meder said she reviewed the graphics after recovering the CD in the raid on Epstein's mansion.

Similarly, another FBI agent, Stephen Flatley, also testified regarding a document recovered from a hard drive found in the aforementioned police raid, which was created by a user who identifies hemself as "Gmax". It would be Ghislaine Maxwell, since the document was on the hard drive of a computer registered in the name of the defendant.

The paper described a good relationship between the financier and Ghislaine Maxwell.

"Jeffrey and Ghislaine have been together as a couple for the past 11 years. Contrary to what many people think, they are rarely separated. I almost always see them together," reads the document dated October 14, 2002.

And he adds that

"Ghislaine is very intelligent and a great company, with a ready smile and an infectious laugh,"

Flatley said of the contents of the file on which he indicated that it was not clear the reason for its creation or what it was for.

Another victim speaks out

The next to take the stand was a woman identified only by her first name, "Carolyn".

She was another of Ghislaine Maxwell's alleged accusing victims, who reportedly provided "more than 100" sexualized massages to Jeffrey Epstein for four years,

namely when her age hovered between 14 and 18.

"Something sexual happened every time."

She told the court about her difficult childhood in Palm Beach, Florida, where she dropped out of school and then began using cocaine and became addicted to painkillers. Her mother was an alcoholic and a drug addict.

She recalled meeting Jeffrey Epstein

— when she was 14 —

because her friend, Virginia Roberts, wanted to know if she was willing to make money giving massages to her friend who lived on Palm Beach Island.

"Carolyn" said she agreed and went with Roberts to Epstein's home, where they were met by the defendant at the door and from there she took them to the financial tycoon's bathroom.

She said Maxwell told her that she

"had a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends."

Maxwell told Virginia Roberts,

"You can take her upstairs and show her what to do."

She narrated that on that first occasion, Virginia Roberts stripped completely naked, but she asked to be allowed to stay in underwear, bikini and bra. That's when, then, Epstein walked into the massage room and went to lying down.

After a while, "Carolyn" continued her story between sobs, Jeffrey Epstein turned around on the stretcher and Virginia Roberts got on top of him and they began to have sex.

She explained that while this was happening, she watched from a sofa.

When they had finished, the accuser said that they paid her USD 300 with hundred bills that were left in the bathroom sink. Ghislaine Maxwell took note of her phone number.

They asked him why she kept going and replied, "$300 was a lot of money."

The more than a hundred massages she gave Epstein occurred as scheduled by Ghislaine Maxwell, who called her to schedule the appointments. Maxwell called her, either by her number, her mother's or her boyfriend's.

She recounted what these sessions were like, during which Jeffrey Epstein would first lie on his stomach and she would give him the massage, while also talking about his upbringing and his problems. Then the financier would turn around and start touching her, sometimes with a sex toy. Then he masturbated.

She explained that

"something sexual happened every time"

and that for each session she received payments ranging between USD 300 and USD 400 in hundred bills. Payments were sometimes made directly by the defendant. She said she always used this money to buy drugs.

"Carolyn" said there were times when she took teenage friends to participate in the massages and for that she received extra money. Specifically, she said that she received a $300 bonus for every young teen she brought.

Once, Jeffrey Epstein, the prosecution witness said, pressed a button, and then a young woman entered the room and the three of them had sex.

She said Ghislaine Maxwell saw her naked in the massage room on three occasions, including once the defendant touched her breasts and praised her body.

She added that in one of those sessions, the woman performed oral sex on her while having sex with Jeffrey Epstein.

Also, "Carolyn" mentioned the times when she talked to Maxwell about her upbringing and how her grandfather sexually abused her when she was four years old. Epstein also asked her a few times about what her life had been like.

She pointed out that Maxwell and Epstein knew

she was only 14,

because they asked her if she could travel to the financier's island and

she warned them she didn't have a passport and her mother wouldn't let her go.

The jury heard from "Carolyn's" lips that Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein sent her gifts, including Victoria's Secret lingerie, concert tickets and a massage book.

Maxwell's accuser said she regularly takes methadone and other medications that help her manage her addictions and schizophrenia.

Some time after the abuse, she had a son and that he returned to the tycoon's house several times when he needed money.

"She asked me if I had younger friends and I said no," Carolyn said, "And that's when I realized I was too old,

18 years old.

Defense strikes back

The defense sought to discredit the accuser "Carolyn".

Such a task was undertaken by Jeffrey S. Pagliuca, who referred to court statements and FBI reports from more than a decade ago.

These documents would have shown, according to the lawyer, that the woman had provided inconsistent data on the facts.

He said "Carolyn" said she had met Ghislaine Maxwell during her first visit to Epstein's home and described her as an older woman with an accent and shoulder-high black hair. Meanwhile, an FBI report said the accuser described Maxwell as an older woman with short, black hair and an unknown accent.

Pagliuca questioned about the phrase "unknown accent":

- At that point in your life did you know what a British accent was? -

"Carolyn's" response was that she hadn't used the word "unknown" when she spoke to FBI agents.

Pagliuca required details of the organization of the massage sessions. The defender wanted to deny what the accuser said when she said that

Maxwell scheduled the sessions, since she often called her to arrange those visits.

The defendant's representative suggested that "Carolyn" had directly called to look for Epstein after having inquired into his number.

- Isn't it true that you have Epstein's number from the phone book? - ,the lawyer asked.

"The phone book you're talking about was my personal guide," the woman replied.

Pagliuca then cited a summary document from an interview in which "Carolyn" denied having sex with Jeffrey Epstein.

"Carolyn" then interrupted the lawyer: "I answered 'no' because I was not willing to participate (...) He had sex with me and I let him."

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