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What's a college graduate to do

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

An essay by a guest writer. Freedom doesn't exist in the world we now live in. If the authors name was revealed, that could potentially end their chosen career. Writing for a blog for a call for Freedom has consequences. No longer can one express an opinion without paying a huge price.

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What’s a new graduate to do?

Finding a job is not the same as it once was. Gone are the days of your college degree bringing you a well paying job that is enough to start life on your own.

New graduates have been met with entry level jobs demanding years of experience, and no job options asking for new grads in the first place. It is a demoralizing and exhausting trudge through hours and hours of job applications, only to be rejected or even scammed. Companies are listing “entry level” positions with entry level pay and asking for 5-7 years of professional experience. They know people are desperate to find work during and after the pandemic and are abusing this need as much as they can. If the people who have years of experience are taking up the entry level jobs because its all they can get, where are the newly graduated members of society supposed to go?

With all of this desperation, scammers and thieves have also been quick to generate false job schemes to steal personal information and sell it off. So after all of the trouble of sifting through job applications, trying to avoid getting scammed, applying to anything and everything that you may qualify for, you may be able to land a job that will pay something more than minimum wage. How did it get this bad? I recall growing up hearing that if I worked hard in school and got to a good college then I would be able to get a well paying job and start my life. It’s so frustrating to find out that the world has progressed so quickly and certain parts of our economic infrastructure weren’t brought along for the ride. The pandemic has exposed a fatal flaw in the American work market. Why go to a top university if you’ll end up making barely more or even less than a manager at a fast food restaurant? That is if you can even find a job in the first place.

We don’t have 5-7 years of experience. We can’t get entry level positions to build up those years of experience. We are being gatekept from joining the American workforce by the very companies profiting from this fatal flaw. I ask again:

What’s a new graduate to do?

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