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Systemic Racism

In 2016, on the eve of the Holocaust Remembrance Day, Major General Yair Golan , the number two man in the Israeli army compared the Jewish State to Nazi-era Germany. A single Israeli soldier commited murder and killed a Palestinian attacker. The soldier was charged, but as usual some protestors saw the lone soldier to be a hero.

Israel's Prime Minister was furious.

"The General had cheapened the Holocaust, during which six millions European Jews were slaughtered by the Germans."

Let's go forward in time for a brief moment, some American Border Patrol were riding their horses by the Texas - Mexican border and attempted to hold back some illegal migrants from rushing the border. This is their job. In a rush to judgement , a photo looked like the Patrol whipped the migrants. The photo clearly showed horse reins, but facts do not matter.

Congresswoman Maxine Walters made a statement that what happened on the border was worse than slavery in the USA.

In a mock debate between Jon Stewart and Andrew Napolitano over the number of blacks that were killed by slavery , John Stewart made a claim...

"The American slave trade caused 5 million deaths or more"

The estimates of those killed was said to be much lower, but that really doesn't matter. It was a horror and inhumanity and Maxine Walter's statement cheapened the history of Black Slavery .

This video is hard to view. It is graphic and hardly gves true justice to what slavery was like.

Can one possibly make an comparision between a border patrol agent doing his job and trying to stop migrants from crossing by holding them back to Black Slavery.

Coming back to the Holocaust Memorial Day is Israel which was diminished in importance by one of its own generals. The Israeli soldier was charged and convicted and went to prison. But the verdict in that situation is not the issue.

Women and children lined up to be shot and killed for no other crime than they were Jewish.

Six million innocent people killed.

These photos are from the Eisenhower Presidential Library .

This General, who belittled the memory of six million souls for some cheap political points, caused much harm. Certain horrors from the history of humanity need to respected. Several years later in the halls of Congress, Congresswoman Tlalib likened the boycott of Israel to boycotts agsinst Nazi Germany.

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. These unalienable rights which the Declaration says have been given to all humans by their creator, and which governments are created to protect.

Part of the unfortunate part of our history was the cruelty of Slavery. It is part of our shame and part of our history.

The Jews who survived the Holocause have an expression,

Forgive but never Forget.

Never forget, should include not comparing a Patrolman on a horse to being worse than Black Slavery. Maxine Walters may feel that because she is Black that she has the right to make such a statement , but she is as wrong as that General in Israel. The memory of Slavery belong to those who lived through it and to the essence of this country, not to anyone person trying to score some political points.

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