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The Danger of Totalitarianism in the Americas

Updated: Jan 24

An event organized by the Spanish political party Vox analyzed the challenges posed by dictatorships in the hemisphere. Translated from Diario Las Americas.

At an event organized by the Spanish Vox Party in Miami, important voices from the Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan diasporas gathered to analyze the impact of totalitarian regimes in Latin America and in search of solvent initiatives to confront them.

Photo at a news conference
In an event organized by the Spanish political party Vox posed by dictatorships in the hemisphere were analyzed

In a panel chaired by lawyer María Herrera Mellado, Vox's representative in Miami, the risks of dictatorships and the expansion of castro-communism in the region to the detriment of the fundamental freedoms of the peoples were exposed.

Freedom Voice's co-founder and investigative reporter, Maibort Petit, made an analysis of the electoral farce orchestrated by the regime of Nicolás Maduro in the municipal and regional elections of November 21. The day after the elections will mark the new stage of the negotiation process between the Venezuelan opposition and the ruling government, which divides criteria between opponents and activists.

For her part, the activist and community leader Sophia Lacayo, denounced last election day in Nicaragua, the repression and imprisonment of political rivals, journalists and members of civil society and proposed to expand the so-called Rebirth Law with the support of the European community.

The bill, Strengthening Compliance with Conditions for Electoral Reform in Nicaragua (RENACER), proposes new initiatives to monitor, report and address corruption by the government of President Daniel Ortega and his family, as well as human rights abuses committed by Nicaraguan security forces.

The Cuban regime did not authorize the trip of the delegation of Cuban exiles and MEPs trying to reach Havana on Monday, November 15, as activist Rosa María Payá had announced on Sunday during a demonstration in front of the Freedom Tower in Miami.

MEP Victor Gonzalez, vice president of VOX, had spoken with DIARIO LAS AMERICAS in the morning during a demonstration in front of the Versailles restaurant, and sent a message of encouragement to the Cuban people in their direct confrontation with the repressive mechanisms of Castroism.

The MEPs had planned to travel to Cuba but were not granted landing permits on the island.

"You can delay it, but you're not going to be able to stop it. Liberation is coming from the Cuban people," the activist wrote on her Twitter account @RosaMariaPaya.

Other participants were Hermann Terstch and Carlo Fidanza, Members of the European Parliament.

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