China is becoming a competitor on the world stage as the leading economic super power. The importance of this becomes visible when a "non-Chinese" is going to do business in China. The point to keep in mind is that more than with a company or companies you are doing business with the Chinese Communist Party. Unlike in the USA, in China there is no difference between business and politics. 

While the USA has ignored our neighbors in Central and South America, China & Russia continue to expand their influence.

Let's see a cold data, the growth of China in the world of trade between 2000 and 2019 grew from 1.1% of world trade to 12.4 % .

This gives a magnitude of what China is a commercial power.

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As the USA ignores Central & South America, the influence from Russia and China has expanded. This includes military and economics. 

With China on the rise. We must ask at what cost? Is slavery acceptable. Is a dictatorship? Meanwhile in the USA, certain bills are before congress. Is the intent of these bills to make our country a better place or will it help transform the country into an authoritative government , a Socialist Dictatorship ?

Kids are addicted to Video Games. China calls that a health crisis. So they restrict how much the kids can play. They actually monitor what the kids are doing on their own phone. How much should Government be allowed to control in our lives ? if they feel it is for our own good, should they have the right to rule our every movement.

Are US Generals that answer to the president of the USA need to check with China first? 

Why wasn't this considered worthy of serious attention.