What is Freedom

A Socialist Marxist ideology is growing in the USA. The concept where its citizens are willing to give up their Freedoms for a idealistic concept of security. 

Are we all accepting a life where we are surrendering our freedoms and accepting that the state is all that matters ?

He saw how in Russia they took Socialism to the level where the Government controlled it citizens.

The "Silent Revolution", "Ideological Subversion" or "Active Measures" is a process of brainwashing in the medium and long term that, structured in four basic phases,

aims to weaken the Western system of freedoms,

values ​​and democracy in general and,

particularly, that of the United States.

The Danger of Totalitarianism in the Americas

In an event for freedom for the Cuban people from Socialism....."You can delay it, but you're not going to be able to stop it. Liberation is coming from the Cuban people," the activist wrote on her Twitter account