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Separation of Powers in USA

Why socialism doesn’t work? In our republic there is a separation of powers. This was put in place by our founders to prevent an authoritative style of leadership. 

In this report , it will be demonstrated what happens when systems of separation of powers does not exist and when you have a socialistic government. To a system where there is no accountability. To a system where the people serve the leaders and the Government rules its citizens.

How too much power in the hands of Government leads to Organized Crime and Corruption. More specifically in this case to human rights abuses examples.

The military in this country is answerable to those who were voted into power, they are responsible to the people. They do not get to decide what American policy should be.

"We have to stand for Freedom and for Democracy."

Immigration should be based on real urgencies. Where immigrants are accepted because they have lost their rights and freedoms and live in repressive regimes.

Experts on Seperation of Powers


Maibort Petit

Assistant Manager


Carlo Fidanza

Programming Editor