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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers talk about their chosen missions. Volunteer and join us. 

Become a Human / Animal Rights Advocate
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Learn Leadership Skills 

We do Intuitive Volunteer Matching

We match your skill to the cause you re passionate about.

Get Job experience in your field while serving the community. 

Everyone WINS

Refugees, Effects of War, Accounting
    Alfred Babweteera
To fight for human rights for the vulnerable in war-torn areas.

Immigrant Rights
Joseph Byiringro
He is in construction management and would like to help with anything in volunteering. 

Children Rights, Poverty, Homelessness
Reuben Kamau
I have been supporting street children and feeding them and the more i fellowship with them i feel bad that as we sit on our beautiful paneled homes they sllep hungry and on the streets,its not that they want but that they have no one to empower them and many hungry families in africa,there struggle and suffering is to hard for them.


Agroforestry, Immigrant Rights
    Kerali Denis
Help refuges have hope in lives where there is nothing to rely on.

Proposal Writing, Management
Chidimma Ohaneye
 Grant writing and management. 


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