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Freedom Voice's Humanitarian Efforts in Ukraine


-  Read the stories of our staff who went to Ukraine & reported on the story from the ground 

-  Watch as we spoke to the Ukrainian people for our YouTube show.

-  Hear from every day average people of Ukraine what it is like to go through this war

-  See the photos of some of the millions of the displaced people in Poland

-  Support our efforts to help the immigrants of Ukraine while working with many of relief groups. 

-  Support our efforts in working with animal shelters on a successful mission of getting displaced animals out of Ukraine. Live footage to see. 

Hear this Very Gripping story of a told by a Ukrainian mom of her family's adventure escape from the War. She is a ordinary person just like you and I. - Let's pray this never happens again.

https://fb.watch/eaPM13w_Nz/       - facebook video

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