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Ukraine War

Freedom Voice Reports has a crew presently in Poland. Our reporting is all about the people of Ukraine. Their stories told by the Ukrainians as it happens.

We are talking to Immigrants from Ukraine within Poland. Talking to the legislatures.

You should hear their stories

See videos of the situation from on the ground. 

Let's use this knowledge to make their situation better. 

Freedom Voice Reports has reported for over 25 years where people have lost their Freedoms because of governments. The people of Ukraine have lost everything. 

You can get the news of these Ukrainians in refugee camps, or where they may be.

You can help spread their situation.  

You can help to be there and do good. 

Donate and help us continue our good work. 


In 1999 Venezuela was taken over by an Authoritative Government. Millions were forced to flee. Some of those refugees are presently at the Ukraine Border with the refugees from this tragedy. 

Over 3 million are presently diisplaced in other countries. 

We are there to help and tell the story of the forgotten average people. 

Donate and help us continue our good work. 

Putin makes it illegal to give News that is not government sanctioned. 


You must be informed!


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Not Prepared for Crime in Cyberspace

With Russia possibly ready to use cyberspace to attack the West.

Are we prepared? Read this report and find out the shocking truth.

Russian & Chinese Military in Venezuela

As the world watches in horror as President Putin has Russian army attack unprovoked the country of Ukraine, we must ask a question.

Will we pay a price for ignoring the Russia & China military buildup in Venezuela?

As horrible as what is happening in Eastern Europe due to Russian aggression, we can end up with a similar situation right here in South America.


Maibort Petit from Freedom Voice Reports arrives in Warsaw, Poland. 

This is 600 miles from the border, yet the refugees from Ukraine are everywhere.

Keep checking in as the team works its way to the border of Ukraine. 

At Ukraine Border

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